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KB0011331Transferring data to a new Mac: Clean up your files 14-12-2015
KB0011348End User Computing: Transferring data to a new PC 18-01-2016
KB0010499Apple computer offer 31-01-2014
KB0010712How do I find a 24 hour computer laboratory at Deakin? 01-08-2014
KB0011379How to Connect Your Laptop in Teaching Spaces & Meeting Rooms 31-03-2016
KB0011414End User Computing: Windows to Mac Computer Changeover 08-08-2016
KB0011361EUC Decommission a computer 12-02-2016
KB0011413End User Computing: Mac to Windows Computer Changeover 08-08-2016
KB0012060What is Windows 10 Deakin Shield Edition? 16-03-2017
KB0010488Recommended computer standards for Deakin students 28-01-2014
KB0011338End User Computing: Transferring data to a new Mac 14-12-2015
KB0011336Transferring data to a new Mac: Tidy up 14-12-2015
KB0010526How do I update my asset details? 06-02-2014
KB0011332Transferring data to a new Mac: Your automated backup 14-12-2015
KB0011333Transferring data to a new Mac: Manually back up other data 14-12-2015
KB0010491Assistive technology and software for Deakin students and staff 30-01-2014
KB0011334Transferring data to a new Mac: Deactivate services 14-12-2015
KB0011406My workstation is damaged, how do I get it repaired? 15-07-2016
KB0011337Transferring data to a new Mac: Restore other data 14-12-2015
KB0011058Why can't I install software on a Deakin lab computer? 30-03-2015