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Managing your Deakin email mailbox size
Article: KB0010087 Published: 31-05-2013 Last modified: 11-05-2015

Managing your Deakin email mailbox size

To check your current email quota usage, please see How do I check my current Deakin email quota?

The following tips can also provide some assistance in regards to managing email quota:

  • Review your 'Sent items' folder - This is the most looked over folder within most users mailbox.
    You may find that there can be a string of emails that contain a send > reply > reply > reply type of chain that can string back 2, 3, or even 10+ times between people. It's an easy option to delete the 'duplicate' emails.

For example, if you and I were to reply to an email with each other 5 times, you could go back and delete the previous 4 sent emails.

  • Attachments are also frequently overlooked - especially when users send them back and forth between communication.
    You can easily end up with a few emails that contain the same file attached. If there was a 4MB PDF file sent back and forth 4 times, that adds up.

See KB article - How to identify and remove large email attachments using Outlook 2013

  • Archive email - To ensure you do not run out of storage space: archive older, important items.
  • Email forwarding - You can set an email forward from your Deakin account to re-divert emails to another external mail service (i.e. Gmail).
    This way instead of mail being stored at Deakin, you can store it in your prefered email service.

 For further support, please contact the eSolutions IT Service Desk. You can check the contact numbers and operating hours on the IT Service Desk page.

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