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Internet access > What is my internet quota at Deakin University?
What is my internet quota at Deakin University?
Article: KB0010091 Published: 31-05-2013 Last modified: 01-05-2015

What is my internet quota at Deakin University?

Deakin University provides internet access to its staff and students for the purpose of study and/or work at Deakin. While all internet usage is monitored, not all website traffic will affect your quota. Some commonly used websites including Google, Microsoft and other Australian University websites are excluded from the quota.

Student internet quota

Deakin has a quota system that provides each student with an amount of internet usage sufficient for their study purposes. As a guide quotas are:

  • 5GB for undergraduate and postgraduate by coursework students per trimester.
  • Postgraduate by research students do not have a defined quota, however those reaching a high volume of usage will be contacted to discuss individual needs.

Deakin residence students’ internet usage is not metered provided devices are connected via the wired network connection available in their residence room, and have Automatic Proxy Detection disabled (or set to ‘No Proxy’).

All wired devices that are plugged into Deakin's network via a network cable (ethernet cable) must be registered in the Internet Access Application to be able to connect to the Internet.
Network traffic is shaped during business hours (8am to 5pm). Some traffic (ie. Torrents, Skype) is shaped permanently to ensure fair use.

All Wireless network traffic is counted towards your trimester quota.

MIBT students’ internet usage is metered and limited to 5GB per trimester, regardless of whether you are connected via cable or wireless.

If your quota is exceeded your internet access will be slowed until the beginning of the following trimester, unless you have negotiated with the IT Service Desk for a quota addition for legitimate study purposes. Students only receive one quota increase per trimester.

Staff internet access

Staff usage is charged to individual organisational units who have the ability to make their own rules for recovering costs from individuals. Staff are advised to become familiar with their area's procedures and requirements relating to internet usage. Various government legislation, as well as Deakin rules and regulations, govern internet usage. All users of Deakin network facilities, including internet usage, are required to become familiar with, and abide by, the various requirements.

More information in regards to Deakin's internet usage policies can be found on The Guide (restricted access).

Note: Processes exist to identify and respond to potential abuse and unreasonable use of Deakin's internet.

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