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Delegated printing: nominating other staff to print for you
Article: KB0010290 Published: 12-08-2013 Last modified: 16-01-2015

Delegated printing: nominating other staff to print for you

From time to time, another Deakin staff member may need to collect documents at a printer for you.

You can nominate other staff members to release print jobs on your behalf using the Print@Deakin service. This is known as delegated printing.

Delegated printing allows print jobs to remain in your print queue, while also appearing in a nominated staff member's print queue.

When that staff member prints on your behalf, all costs are charged to you, not them.

Setting up delegated printing

1.  Submit the Delegated printing request form to the IT Service Desk. By submitting this form, you acknowledge that the nominated staff member will be able to see and print any and all jobs in your print queue.

Note: This request must be submitted by the staff member who is requesting a delegate be added, not by the delegate themselves.

2. Provide the name of your delegate(s).

3. Tick the checkbox to acknowledge you understand the changes, and that you give permission for the delegate to see your print items.

4. The rest of the form should auto-populate. Click Submit when complete.

5. A service request will be automatically raised for you. You will receive a confirmation of this via your Deakin email account. A Service Desk staff member will process the change at their earliest opportunity.

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