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Network services (ex-wireless) > Establishing a secure(VPN) connection to Deakin using Junos Pulse (Windows)
Establishing a secure(VPN) connection to Deakin using Junos Pulse (Windows)
Article: KB0010313 Published: 30-08-2013 Last modified: 13-05-2015

Establishing a secure(VPN) connection to Deakin using Junos Pulse (Windows)

Warning: Windows 8.1 is not supported via this method.

Note: Do not use these instructions for a Deakin desktop computer. The Junos Pulse client is pre-installed on Windows 7 Deakin desktop workstations. It can also be installed from the Software Catalogue.
Only use these instructions if you wish to install the pre-configured version of the Junos Pulse client on a Windows computer that is not managed by Deakin eSolutions.

Installing the Junos Client

  1. Download the client from the Deakin Software Library.
  2. Under Connectivity tools, select Deakin Secure VPN Connection clients
  3. Ensure you download the appropriate version1for your computer.
    Tip: 1 To determine if your computer is using x64 or x86 architecture, refer to instructions found here.
  4. Enter your Deakin username and password to start the download.
  5. Launch the installer. The program will install the software and required settings - no further action is required.

Starting a secure connection

  1. Click Start > All Programs > Juniper Networks > Junos Pulse, and then the Junos Pulse icon.
  2. The Junos Pulse start up screen will be displayed.
  3. Select Connect beside the Deakin secureaccess entry under Connections, and enter your Deakin username and password. This will establish a secure connected to the Deakin network.
  4. Click Close to close the Junos Pulse window. Your connection will remain active - this just closes the window.
  5. To view your connection status, click the 'show hidden icons' arrow in the System Tray on the lower right hand of your screen, and hover the mouse over the Junos Pulse icon.

Disconnecting the secure connection

  1. To end your VPN connection, double click on the Junos Pulse icon in the system tray, and click 'disconnect' beside the Deakin secureaccess entry in the Junos Pulse connections window.
  2. Click Close to close Junos Pulse.

If Junos Pulse does not work after a Windows update, try re-installing it.

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