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What is a rapid share?
Article: KB0010365 Published: 03-12-2013 Last modified: 29-06-2015

What is a rapid share?

Note: This facility is available to staff and Higher Degree by Research students only.
A rapid share is a temporary file share used for the storage of short-term data. It is an ideal solution for short-term backup requirements (e.g. when your workstation is being updated or replaced). Any staff member or HDR student may create a rapid share, but may only have one share active at any time. The default size of a rapid share is 100GB, however this size may be increased in special circumstances.

Please note that backups are not taken of these shares. After creation, they exist only for 14 days, after which the share and all files stored inside it are deleted. The expiry time of a rapid share cannot not be extended.

Create your own rapid share here.

If you require more than 100GB, please contact the IT Service Desk.

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