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What is a Deakin file share or network share drive?
Article: KB0010078 Published: 30-05-2013 Last modified: 13-08-2020

What is a Deakin file share or network share drive?

File shares - what are they?

Deakin eSolutions (DeS) provides a file share(s) to each Faculty, Institute and other area within Deakin University. These file shares are managed via the IAM web interface by nominated file share data stewards within each area, allowing for fast and easy management.

File shares are provided by Deakin eSolutions for the storage of files that are considered corporate data (that is, data owned by and required to be retained by the university – such as research or intellectual property captured or created by you).

As a Deakin staff member or student, you have your own space reserved on a network server. This is known as your home directory. This space is automatically set up for you whenever you log onto a Deakin workstation.

It is important that corporate data is stored appropriately in a University file share, and not in your home directory, on your workstation or on a portable storage device.


Shares, drives, directories – why all the different names?

Shared areas on a network can be called network shares, network drives, shared (net)work areas or a network directory. When the network drive is your personal specific area, it is called your home directory. These are basically different names for the same thing – an area of server space that you can store data on.

The method of connecting to a shared network area may be called mapping a network drive, mounting a network drive, mapping a shared drive, or simply a network share.


When do I connect to a file share?

Connect to a file share when you want to save or open files on a Deakin University network storage area (for example: a shared drive).

You can also connect to a network drive whenever you want to save or open files on a network storage area from off campus (for example: in your home directory and/or shared work area).

If mapping a network drive from off campus using your personal or other workplace ISP, it is assumed you have already connected to the Deakin network via Cisco AnyConnect (VPN).


What type of data should I use a file share for?

Researchers must be aware that research data is to be stored in a university file share - not in their home directory. University file shares provide secure storage that is regularly backed up and fully supported by DeS. Individual storage areas within the file share can have access rights assigned to them, so that only certain people can access them.

You may also be required to use other authorised network areas, for example: a shared work space for your group or division, or for collaborative research or assignment work.

If you would like to view the path (address) of any of the network drives you have access to, please select either your home directory or a list of share drives you have access to.

Once you have completed the setup process, you will be able to access the shared drive as if it were a drive on your own computer. To access these drives, you must be connected to the Deakin network. You can connect using a university workstation or remotely, using the internet and connecting via Cisco AnyConnect (VPN).

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