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Connecting to Wi-Fi (eduroam) on iPad/iPhone/iPod
Article: KB0010295 Published: 14-08-2013 Last modified: 13-08-2020

Connecting to Wi-Fi (eduroam) on iPad/iPhone/iPod

The following guide will assist with:


Connecting to Eduroam

1. Select Wi-Fi and connect to eduroam.

2. Enter your ""

3. Enter your password

If you are having trouble connecting to eduroam by following the steps above please follow the instructions below to connect using Deakin Setup.


Connecting to Eduroam using Deakin Setup

  1. Open the Settings app.

  2. Select Wi-Fi from the left-side menu.

  3. Ensure the Wi-Fi is on then select Deakin Setup.

  4. Open web browser, type in the address bar and press Go.

  5. Enter your Deakin username.

  6. Select Join Now.

  7. Select Install when prompted to install the Deakin University eduroam profile.

  8. Select Install when prompted with the Certificate warning.

  9. Enter your device passcode if prompted.

  10. Enter your Deakin University password and select Next.

  11. Select Done. You should now be connected to the eduroam network.


Troubleshooting a previously connected device

I'm prompted for a password

Please enter your current Deakin password.

You will see this after changing your Deakin password. If this prompt continually re-appears it may indicate that your IT account is locked. Please contact the IT Service Desk to have your account unlocked.


I'm receiving a certificate warning

Deakin has a requirement to periodically update the certificate used to secure the wi-fi network. If your device has an outdated certificate you may receive notification to update it.

By selecting Accept Certificate, the certificate will update and allow your device to connect to eduroam.


I still cannot connect!

If all else fails, remove the current eduroam configuration and set it up again.

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